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Teeth whitening

We are teeth whitening specialists

Teeth whitening in Kirchberg

Are you looking for a dental clinic in Luxembourg to whiten your teeth and get a bright smile? The Kirchberg dental clinic welcomes you from Monday to Friday by appointment for all your cosmetic dental treatments. Having beautiful white teeth to display a magnificent smile is within everyone’s reach, with the latest dental whitening techniques offered by the Kirchberg dental clinic.

Teeth whitening techniques

Depending on your request, our dentists specialized in teeth whitening, will offer you a suitable solution to lighten the discoloration of enamel and dentin, using a gel based on hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening treatment at the clinic in Kirchberg

Before starting any treatment, your dentist will analyze your dental health and condition before considering any teeth whitening procedure. Then, two options are available to you :

At the office – Duration 2 h :
The teeth are cleaned and isolated from the gums. An active product is applied to the teeth which are then subjected to a light source.

At home :
A gutter is made in the office after an impression is taken. The patient will then have to take the gutter home, adding the active product inside.

For an optimal result, it is advisable to combine the two methods.

How can I keep my teeth white for as long as possible?

A beautiful smile with very white teeth is an undeniable asset, never the less, it is necessary to follow some rules in order to keep them white as long as possible.

The advantages of clinic whitening:
-Teeth 6 to 8 shades lighter
-The treatment lasts only one hour
-Safety and professionalism in the dental practice
-No pain or sensitivity during and after bleaching

The treatment can be extended at home. In this case, your dentist will make a custom-made aligner from a dental arch impression.

This is why it is recommended, especially after tooth whitening, to avoid consuming acidic foods such as coffee, lemon, sodas and products based on refined sugar or aspartame, for example. It is also advisable to strongly reduce cigarettes and all tobacco-based products, because cigarette smoke causes many inconveniences such as tobacco stains on the teeth.

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